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Height: 5'8"
Weight: 220 lbs.
From: Columbus, Ohio
Featured Moves: Lethal Injection, Anarchy Splash, Arm & Leg Submissions
Titles Held: MCW Brass Knuckles, NEPW U.S. Tag Team, CWA Tag Team

About Alctaraz: Alcatraz has gone from a Paid off ref care of Jackie Blackey, to coming under fire for the way he won the MCW Brass Knuckles Title and losing it on a mishap to his then partner "Wildman" Chuck Brody in a tag team match. Alcatraz recently found himself ousted from The Regime. Alcatraz has been called a man with no allies as of recent but superstars like Dick Trimmins and The Nomad have oddly enough came to his aid. Although Alcatraz doesnt consider himself friends with these two men, he knows its the only way to get to Brody .