Brandon X


Height: 6'5"
Weight: 247 lbs.
From: Pimplands
Featured Moves: X-Plex ( modified Arm and neck suplex.), 469 (619), X-Driver ( modified Gory Special), choke slam, Pimps Up Hoes Down (TKO)
Titles Held: ---

About Brandon X: After being hired for security by MCW, Brandon X started training under the close eye of Aero. After being harassed by Fabulous and former MCW star Gabriel Knight for supporting his trainer, Brandon X finally intervened after constant double teamings on his trainer. First he helped Aero out when he defended his title against Fabulous in a falls count anywhere match when Kidrageous attacked Aero from behind and threw him into the concrete wall. Brandon X came to the aide of his trainer and fought Kidrageous all the way to the back. The following month once again Kidrageous Fabulous got involved in a match between Aero and Spence Slater. Once again Brandon X came to the aide of his trainer by fighting Kidrageous to the back.

April Anarchy after interference from Fabulous, Brandon X who came to the ring with Aero got in the ring and the duo of Aero and Brandon X teamed up to do a double 440. Fabulous and Brandon X were sent to the back.After the match Fabulous attacked Aero yet another time. Brandon X came out and quickly cleared the ring. After seeing enough Fresh Aaronsyn decided that at Meltdown, Brandon X and Aero would team up against Fabulous and Kidrageous.

At Meltdown, after finally being tagged in Brandon X did the unthinkable. To the shock of the crowd, Brandon X turned on his mentor. With a cold callous look in his eyes, it was then revealed that Fresh Aaronsyn was behind the whole ordeal. He was the one who had hire Brandon X into MCW. That it was his full intentions to start teaching some of the boys, who was the real boss of MCW. He figured what better way then hiring a true street thug. To the shock of the crowd Brandon X who hails from Elyria, MCW's home base, turned his back on the same people who cheered him for the almighty dollar. But with the formation of a new clique of Fresh, Fabulous, Kidrageous, and Brandon X who knows what is about to happen in MCW

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