"Mack Machine"
Dash Bennett


Height: 6'0"
Weight: 225 lbs.
From: Orlando, Florida
Featured Moves: Dash-O-Matic (Cross Armed Head Plant), Belly to Belly Suplex, Russian Legsweep
Titles Held: NWA East Tag Team (3x), CWF Mon Valley Tag Team (2x), NWA East Three Rivers, NWA Tristate TV, NLW Tag Team, 3RW/NBW Tag Team

About Dash Bennett: Dash Bennett has led successful career as one half of the Premiere Players tag team. Both him and Daron Smythe came within inches of beating Klub Xtreme for the MCW Tag Team Titles over the Summer of 2002. In addition, Dash came very close to pulling an upset over Chris Kole for the MCW U.S. Title that Fall.

Website: http://premiereplayers.cjb.net