"Madman" Shirley Doe


Height: 5'10"
Weight: 225 lbs.
From: Dixmont Mental Hospital
Featured Moves: Sillyhead, Sillyhead 2, Magic Bullet, Dethkube K, Superterrorizer, Shining Wizard
Titles Held: VCW Heavyweight Champion, IWC High Stakes Champion (2x), PWL Triple Jeopardy Champion, PWX and PWL Tag Team Champion (w/Devil Bhudokhan)

About Shirley Doe: Hailing from Dixmont Mental Hospital (a legendary Pittsburgh landmark and originally one of the nation's foremost psychiatric hospitals...later, a haunted vortex of paranormal phenomenon), Shirley Doe spent his entire childhood trapped in a 6 by 6 foot cell, chained to a wall, a black and white UHF television set his only friend. To escape from the nightmare of being a forgotten child trapped in a closed down insane asylum, he lost himself in professional wrestling. With his already diseased mind unfettered by authority, he saw that the only truth was in evil. For in a sport where the goal is to harm your opponent as much as possible, what use was there in pretending to be a good person?

The young Doe took to wrestlers such as Harley Race, the Funk Brothers, Don Muraco and Kevin Sullivan as role models. And when his unshackled mind read the works of Anton LaVey, he devoted himself to satanism. He sees wrestling as being guilty of the sin of lack of aesthetics. Wrestling today has become "sports entertainment," palatable for the masses. What was once a bastard sport enjoyed in smoky halls and practiced by those initiated into a world of secrets has become something that almost anyone of the streets can enter freely and become an "expert."

In the IWC promotion, Doe has enjoyed great success as a two time High Stakes champion - a belt that requires the owner to decide what specialty matches to compete in. Throughout tables, chairs, concrete, metal steps and more, Doe has held onto the belt with maniacal devotion - holding it for the past year, save two months to rival Kid Sensation before getting his revenge. Doe holds the VCW Heavyweight title, and has also conducted lengthy feuds with Chris Hero, Balls Mahoney and one-time partner Super Hentai. Doe also held the PWL and PWX tag titles at the same time with Devil Bhudokhan and was a long time PWL Triple Jeopardy champion.

Doe's style is best described as a mixture of old school brawling with european uppercuts and hard thrown headbutts alongside submission based wrestling and power moves. He boasts an array of set up moves, foremost the Shining Wizard, a jumping kneestrike off of his opponent and right into their face. Until recently, he had used the Sillyhead, an underhook DDT variation, as his finisher. Since December of 2001, he has been employing the Sillyhead 2, an inverted Death Valley Driver style headdropping move. Some of his other moves he uses to wear down opponents are the Superterrorizer(a reverse suplex into a stunner) and the Roaring Elbow.

In the words of Doe, "If you hate me, I've done my job. Too many heels want the fans to applaud them for their fancy moves. I'd rather get inside your head, fill you with jealousy and force you to try to take me down at every opportunity. Because the more you try to destroy me, the stronger I get."

Website: http://www.shirleydoe.com