"The Big Daddy of Destruction" J-Rocc


Height: 6'0"
Weight: 232 lbs.
From: Cleveland, Ohio
Entrance Music: ---
Featured Moves: One Hitter Quitter (modified DVD), Froggy Style (Frog Splash)
Titles Held: Current MCW US Heavyweight Champion, Current (3x) NEPW Triple Crown Champion, Former 3x CAPW N.A. Tag Team Champion, Current WASP Heavyweight Champion

About J Rocc: PWI 500 Rankings: 2000 Ranked # 426, 2001 Ranked #396, 2002 Ranked # 409

J-Rocc holds victories over many former and current top stars in wrestling, including Chris Hamrick, Julio Dinero, "Classic" Colt Cabana, Tracey Smothers, Bobby Blaze, Josh Prohibition and M-Dogg 20, Gangrel, and many others...has also competed against the likes of Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, Nova, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, Big Vito, Kid Kash and many others...

Debuted with MCW in September of 2001, defeating Stick Figure Jones...MCW fans have taken to J-Rocc strongly since his arrival, quickly making him the most popular heavyweight in MCW...Before concentrating on singles action, J-Rocc and Sheik Hassan formed the tag team "High Rollers", coming close on several occasions to capturing the MCW Tag Team Titles...Had a classic series of matches with Fabulous from late 2001 to mid 2002...defeated Adam Cage in November to win the right at his first ever MCW US title shot in December, going to two overtimes in a great matchup...Defeated Chris Kole in one of the best MCW US title matches in recent history, with both men embracing afterwards in a sign of respect...Chris Kole knows no respect, however, as he blindsided the new champ after the match, turning his back on J-Rocc and the fans of MCW...brought back former enemy and trainer JT Lightning as a mystery partner to battle Kole and new ally Adam Cage in Feb 2003...J-Rocc and Kole are now set for the ultimate final showdown where the Loser Leaves MCW, showing the hatred that has grown between these two former friends...Assuming he survives Kole, J-Rocc has many challenges on the horizon in 2003, including Adam Cage, who took the champ to the limit several times, and a newly confident Fabulous, fresh off his light heavyweight title victory...J-Rocc says he is ready to take the MCW US Title to a new level, and with the fans behind him, who can stop him???

Website: http://www.JRocc420.com