"The Voice of Doom"
Kingdom James

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Height: 5'9"
Weight: 270 lbs.
From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Featured Moves: 1812 (Top Rope Legdrop), K5 (Fireman's Carry DDT), suplexes-o-plenty
Titles Held: RWA Heavyweight, CWA Television, CWA Heavyweight, PWX North American Heavyweight, WWO Heavyweight, ICW Street Fight Tag Team (w/Rhyno), UPW Tag Team (w/Black Cat), PWX Tag Team (w/Homicyde & Shawn Patrick), WWO Canadian National Heavyweight, AHW Tag Team (w/Mike Wrath), ICW Heavyweight

About Kingdom James: Kingdom James' career began in 1995, when a small promotion formed in his area and he was able to utilize the wrestling training he’d received years earlier to quickly become their champion. From big fish in a microscopic pond, Kingdom branched out, cultivating his wrestling career with trips throughout the mid-west United States.

Along with such indy circuit stars as Johnny Swinger, Sexton Hardcastle (now the WWE’s Edge), Christian Cage (WWE’s Christian), Rhino Richards (WWE’s Rhyno), Joe E Legend (formerly WWE’s Just Joe), Kingdom trained and worked the Detroit, Toronto and Cleveland regions. Moving to Pittsburgh, Kingdom wrestled as far east as New York and as west as Kansas, earning several regional championships along the way. Joining Les Thatcher’s Heartland Wrestling Association in Cincinnati helped Kingdom improve his wrestling technique even more.

At one time or another, Kingdom has either wrestled against, tagged with, managed for or at least traded in-ring punches with such names as Headshrinker Samu, Ricky Morton, Shark Boy, Chris Hero, AlSnow, Blue Meanie, Nova, Test, Chad Collyer, Wild Samoan Afa, “Beef Stew” Lou Marconi, Shirley Doe, Super Hentai, Scotty O/Sabre, Sebastian Dark, Vince Kaplack, “Dirty” Don Montoya and the aforementioned Swinger, Legend, Edge, Christian and Rhyno.

When Kingdom put his career as a wrestler on hold due to injuries, he turned his microphone back on to become ring announcer for upstart promotion Xtreme Pro Wrestling and as Comissioner of the Union of Independent Professional Wrestlers.

Website: http://www.kingdomjames.com