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Current Champion


Date Champion Won From Location
March 25, 2001 (1) The Butcher The Dream Maker South Amherst, Ohio
July 8, 2001 (2) Alcatraz Kaoz South Armherst, Ohio
June 22, 2002 (3) "Wildman" Chuck Brody Alcatraz Elyria, Ohio
December 21, 2002 Nomad "Wildman" Chuck Brody Elyria, Ohio
May 24, 2003 Sebastian Dark Nomad Elyria, Ohio
(1) Won in Tournament Final
(2) Kaoz won 6-person battle royal/street fight to win title, but MCW owner Jackie Blackey reversed decision and forced Kaoz to hand title over to Alcatraz
(3) Title defended as part of a tag team match in which Klub Xtreme's MCW Tag Team titles were on the line. Brody, blinded by powder, accidentally pinned partner Alcatraz, winning the belt.

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